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Recent report

hello, my name is yotti!!

I have attended the CISO program that is collaborating in Keio Univ and Carnege Mellon Univ.

this program is very interesting for me and some attening people.

because, we usually don't study that content such as company control , Security of bisiness , etc...

Student like us usually are learning main about technology story that is IDE, algorithm, network security et al .

In that story teacher is said that " To protect imformation in way such as FW, IDS etc.. is the most important from security point of view".

so I think so too. 

I have one question that "why japanese people weakness to security?" .

so japanese is said by some people such as foreigher , companys people.

I thought that computer system is maide by U.S,  so Computer is written by English.

and I thought that we japanese has less English skill such as speaking, writting, lisning, reading. 

of course,  some people is able to english about forse skill,  but it is only a part.

this is very dengerous. japan is losing in some field such as semiconductor , memory,  to chinese etc. I must have a sense of crisis. 

first, I thought that we japanese is able to presentation. 


althought saying , my english skill is no good...

so I regard that I want to improve my english skill that is reading, lisning, writting , speaking.


thank you for coming my home page!

if you are good, please let comment to me